Monday, May 8, 2023

Do You Have Editing Privileges on Wikipedia?

There is a list of vehicle mass murders on Wikipedia.  It is not very complete.  I can supply a list of newspaper accounts with URLs if you can add them to the article.  Some are very mass casualty events.

Also mass stabbings and mass blunt object murders. And poison mass murders.  Japan has a sarin gas incident.

Yes, I could do this myself but I am a bit busy doing declarations.

Lauren del Valle, Ray Sanchez and Eric Levenson, Terror suspect accused of killing 8 people on NYC bike path still believes in ISIS, defense attorney says, CNN, January 9, 2023.
Toronto is the most recent of many deliberate attacks involving vehicles, USA Today, Apr. 23, 2018 (10 dead in Toronto attack, 14 dead in Barcelona, Spain, 8 on London Bridge, 12 in Berlin, Germany) (10 dead); Nice attack: Trial for Bastille Day massacre which killed 86 begins, BBC, Sep. 5, 2022 (86 dead); Australian who rammed and killed six pedestrians jailed for life, Reuters, Feb. 21, 2019 (6 dead); Alex Johnson, A Short History of Vehicles Being Used as Deadly Weapons, NBC News, Jul. 15, 2016 (8 dead).
For those willing to do the mass stabbings entry:

Jason Van Rassel, Police officer's son charged in city's worst mass murder, Calgary [Alberta] Herald, Apr. 17, 2014 (5 dead); Jonathan Pearlman, Eight Children Murdered In Mass Stabbing In Australia, [U.K.] Telegraph, Dec. 19, 2014 (8 dead); Robert Foyle Hunwick, Why Does China Have So Many School Stabbings?, New Republic, Nov. 2, 2018 (summarizing 14 knife mass murders in two incidents); David Mercer, Canada mass stabbing: Trudeau urges public to 'be careful' over two men suspected of killing 10 people, Sky News, Sep. 5, 2022 (10 dead).


A Decade On, Childers Remembers Hostel Fire Tragedy, Brisbane [Australia] Times, Jun. 23, 2010 (15 dead); Candace Sutton, Man Who Murdered 11 People in Nursing Home Fire 'Frothed At The Mouth' From Drugs And 'Put Nails In Tyres And Poured Paint' Over Boss's Car, Inquest Hears, [U.K.] Daily Mail, Sep. 8, 2014. (11 dead).


Andrew Higginsand Kimiko De Freytas-Tamura, In Brussels Bombing Plot, a Trail of Dots Not Connected, New York Times, March 26, 2016 (33 dead); Sylvia Hui, Bomber’s brother gets 55 years for Manchester concert attack, Associated Press, Aug. 20, 2020 (22 dead)

Blunt objects:

Jamelle Wells, Robert Xie Trial: Lin Family 'Murdered With Hammer Bought From $2 Shop, ABC [Australia], May 12, 2014 (5 dead)

"I suspect these foreign firearms mass murders are already there:

Gunman’s Rampage in France Leaves 14 Dead, Los Angeles Times, Jul. 13, 1989; Teen-Age Gunman Kills Himself and 12 Others in France, New York Times, Sep. 25, 1995; Nick Caistor, Profile of a Teenage Killer, BBC News, Apr. 28, 2002; 18 Dead in German School Shooting, BBC News, Apr. 26, 2002; Brazil School Shooting: Twelfth Child Dies, SkyNews, Apr. 8, 2011; James Graff, Politics Under the Gun, Time, Mar. 31, 2002 (8 dead; 18 wounded in France); Safety Council To Investigate Gun Laws,, Apr. 12, 2011,, last accessed May 21, 2011; Schutter was al eerder suicidaal, NOS Nieuws. Apr. 10, 2011,, last accessed May 21, 2011.

Thanks to al that are prepared to chase these down.  Wikipedia leans left but when something appears there it has credibility to the journalists 

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  1. I have about 10,000 edits on Wikipedia, including your article. I could do this. How many entries are there to add?