Monday, April 18, 2022

This Means War!

One of the daily Ukraine War update channels showed some Russian news footage with the defense minister indignantly asserting that a Ukrainian Special Forces attack inside Russia and sinking of the Moskva is a cause for war.  

Weirdly enough, he clearly does not think Ukraine has a similar moral claim.  I wonder how stupid he thinks Russians are not able to not see the moral equivalence for Ukraine. 

That he pointed to the Moskva as a reason shows that they know damn well that Ukraine sank it.  Yes, I am sure they had a fire in the ammunition.   That happens when you blow a hole in the side with explosives.  

This escalation to war from "special military operation" is apparently needed to justify conscription.  They would have to be idiots to attack an Article V member.  They cannot even beat Ukraine.   NATO would clean their clock so thoroughly that Putin might well issue an order that would be countermanded at pistol point.  At least I hope so.

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