Sunday, April 24, 2022

Telescope Mount Heaven

This smarter than me Losmandy G811G mount has at times befuddled me good and proper but tonight is looking better than last time.  I told it to go to Sirius which I could not yet see naked eye.  After a few minutes it was still naked eye invisible but I could see it in the eyepiece.  I centered it and pressed align.  Now I am aimed at where it thinks Betelguese will appear.

And it appeared.  I centered and hit align.  Next GOTO M42 which is part of Orion's sword.  It was not dark enough yet to see the wispy cloud that is the nebula but there were three objects centered: one of which is M42's bright stars and the other two stars of the sword.

This is working exactly as advertised.   A bargain of American engineering and manufacturing. 

And the battery pack I built from almost entirely American and Taiwanese parts went from 13.3 to 13.2 volts after perhaps 90 minutes of use which is pretty good for all the moving and computation. 

UPDATE: One interesting consequence.  I have made reference to efforts to write a program for the mill intended to excavate an inverted cylinder for a part to mount on the telescope tube.  The reason was to mount both a 0x finder and a more conventional 9x60mm finder.  The 0x finder is fast and easy to locate bright objects but it has no light gathering capacity, so once you get in the neighborhood, you use the 9x60mm finder to find the faint object that is below naked eye visibility.  But the Losmandy mount's goto makes the 9x60mm finder not necessary.  

The 0x finder lets you find bright stars for telling the mount the coordinate system.   The goto makes the 9x60mm finder irrelevant.  I no longer need the mounting bracket.  Upgrading the other Losmandy mount (which is a relative bargain at $1600 is attractive.)

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