Friday, April 29, 2022

Most Interesting News Story of the Day

4/18/22 Associated Press:
"A federal judge has ordered the FBI to speed up the release of records about the agency’s search for buried Civil War-era gold in Pennsylvania....
The FBI might not have found any Civil War-era gold at a remote woodland site in Pennsylvania — but it's definitely got records of the agency's 2018 dig, and will soon have to turn them over to a father-son pair of treasure hunters."

There are discrepancies in the records about how many video files exist of the dig.  These treasure hunters apparently did the right thing and told the FBI where they it was.  The FBI's geophysical consultants said there was nine tons of a metal that might be gold buried there.  Not surprisingly, they want probably a finder's fee on what would be $576 million dollars worth of gold.  Why do I wonder if the gold disappeared into wherever Epstein's DVDs went?

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