Thursday, April 21, 2022

Long Term Healthcare

This is one of those areas that turns out to be more complex than it should be.

This website is a gov domain and therefore less likely to be promoting a particular insurer.

Many people never need longterm nursing care.  They go in for surgery or a stroke and do not survive long enough to get to that situation.   My father is a good example.  

If you have family who can provide assistance with normal daily activities (Activities of Daily Life, to use their phrasing), this may not be needed.  A house with a granny flat may be enough.

The costs can approach $100K a year.  If I had limited assets that would be very scary.  But I can afford to spend that for years if need be.

I am not convinced that this makes sense for me.  I may just go out with little time convalescent or like my mother, remain independent until she died at 99 while playing card games with my sisters in a hospital bed.  One moment she was playing; the next flatlining.

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