Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The S-Word

 Instapundit links to an article about how Colorado is changing all geographic place names including the s----w word as derogatory to Indians.  Indian Country Today examined the etymology some years ago and demonstrated that as offended as some Indians are by it today, the evidence that it referred to an Indian birthing person's private parts is really uncertain.


  1. A Native American friend of mine (Mohawk, from up-state New York) once told me that squaw was a word in an Indian language that meant young girl. He said it was no more offensive than the Gaelic word "colleen" or the Chinese word "mei-mei" or the Spanish word "muchacha."

    1. Considering the goal of Leftists to sexualize increasingly younger boys and girls, how long until "Colleen", "Mei-mei", "Maedchen", and "Muchacha" are discovered to be the word in other languages for "Squaw? After all, when you are sex obsessed, what else would you call a young woman?