Monday, April 11, 2022


I have been slowly working towards drilling and tapping some holes in the tilting table plate.  The first attempt created a nicely parallel block on which to hold the plate with holddowns but the holddown screws were a bit short.  So I thought, "Machine another block a bit shorter."  Before I started that I asked how parallel are the two faces?  These are the factory produced faces (probably by casting).  The answer was parallel enough that there was no need for machining.  See the bubble level on the mill table and then on top of the plate on top of the block.
Yes, it could be better but half a degree in this application does not matter.

For no reason that I can remember, I dug through the holddown parts drawer and discovered that I had some longer screws available. 

To get the plate exactly square to the mill table, I used a square to make sure the edge of the plate was square to the table.

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