Tuesday, April 19, 2022

This Could Be a Game Changer


There has been discussion of providing obsolete German Leopard 1 tanks to Ukraine.  While inferior to every Russian tank in use; the video points out they can engage and destroy Russian positions far more effectively than the various APCs that the Ukrainian Army now uses.  In urban settings, its deficiencies in armor and range of its main gun might not be so bad, especially because the Ukrainians have demonstrated great skill against demoralized Russians operating poorly maintained and supplied collection of armor and trucks.


  1. As General Patton said, almost any plan executed today will beat the best plan in the world executed tomorrow.
    Others have said that a gun you have beats a better one at home.
    And let us not forget what the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto were able to do with some files, saws, and hammers against the SS in 1943.

  2. A steel Leopard will beat a paper tiger (or T54) any day.