Wednesday, April 13, 2022

SkyNet is in Control!

SFPD pulls over an autonomous vehicle.  There is no one inside.  As they approach the car, it takes off!

I think I see a safety issue.

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  1. The autonomous taxi company had programmed their cars to pull over and yield to emergency and police vehicles.

    The autonomous taxi company had THOUGHT that they programmed their local police department to call the hotline if the police had any issue with the operation of one of their vehicles. Both sides say that there had been extensive communication about this.

    The autonomous taxi company thinks that the car's programming did just what it was supposed to -- when the flashy-light vehicles coming from behind did not overtake, the car sensed no further need to yield and continued on its way.

    The local police department has pledged to upgrade the programming of their officers so that they function in accordance with the pre-arranged agreements.

    The issue that caused the interaction was driving at night with no lights, and they think they've got that fixed.