Thursday, April 14, 2022

I Understand the Skepticism of Ukraine

Some Americans perceive everything from Maidan Square revolution forward as Deep State foreign policy, and therefore immediately suspect.  The Deep Staters genuinely support the liberal democratic ideal.  (Liberal in the 19th century meaning.)  They just do not understand democracy and its limits.  

Muslim democracy will never be liberal; Islam just does not have a secular concept within its framework.  Hence, the Arab Spring failed.  Liberal democracy also requires a shared sense of national identity, which is one reason Afghanistan failed.

Deep Staters do not support American democracy: Roe v. Wade and all the rest of the "we cannot trust voters" baggage.  But they regard this as a temporary problem until every generation thinks Modern Family is an aspirational goal; Christianity ceases to influence behavior; and every high school has marijuana vaping liquid vending machines.

Democracy in Eastern Europe seems a bit short of Deep State goals about immigration and sexual confusion (Poland, Hungary, and Ukraine).  But grudgingly, Deep State supports it in hopes that the pollution of Hollywood will eventually change them.  This is not an argument against democracy; it is an argument for understanding where they are attempting to plant an idea that requires rather particular soil.

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