Wednesday, April 20, 2022

I Would Recommend Against Ordering Online From Home Depot Until They Finish Their Disastrous Order System Upgrade

Sunday morning I ordered a gift card for my son's birthday from HomeDepot.  I charged it to my Discover card.  Later in the day, I was unable to find the order.  Did I forget to hit a Submit button?  So I ordered it again, charging to my PayPal account.  My son received no email notification and curiously I received no email confirmation.

This evening I verified that my PayPal account had been charged.  Did I put the wrong email address for the recipient.   I have done that before.

So I looked in my HomeDepot account.  No orders in a couple of years.  I contacted HomeDepot customer service.  She said it might take 3-7 minutes to look up my order.  I asked why this took so long.  (I have written nasty PL-1/IMS code for a tuxedo management system when I was young.  (Do not laugh.)

She then explained that she was having to go through back doors because they are in the process of updating their order processing software.  Eventually she informed that neither of the gift cards appeared anywhere in their system and to have PayPal and Discover reject the charges.

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  1. I online-ordered from Home Depot a few weeks ago and had no issues.

    Perhaps they hadn't started.