Sunday, April 17, 2022

Odd Size End Mill Needed

 I need to cut a very thin slot in acetal: .079" and I need to cut at least 1" deep.  (I actually need a 2" deep slot, but I can do it from both sides.)  A 1/16" cutting diameter end mill will generally use a very small shank.  Fortunately Sherline makes endmill holders for 1/8" shanks.  I just need an unusually long small endmill.  I could use a 1/8" cutter also.  It just would not be as elegant for this application.

Found a 1/8" shank, 1/8" diameter 1" cutting length endmill.  Even better 1/8" shank and diameter.  While the cutting length is is only 0.275", the overall length is almost 2", so I should be able to plunge from both sides and do an adequate job.

UPATE: .079"


  1. 1/8 (or even 1/16) is a whole lot bigger than the needed 0.0079. Try a wire saw?

    1. Not sure how to get a wire saw in some a confined space. I am cutting a T hole.