Sunday, April 24, 2022

Fighting a 20th Century War in the 21st Century

4/23/22 National Post:
"Ukrainian millionaire Andrey Stavnitser asked Kyiv forces to bomb his home after seeing the Russian military using it as a base of operation on his webcam."

When you pick a luxury home for command headquarters, make sure you find all the webcams.


  1. Considering the losses suffered by the Russian Army, and particularly the General officers, I think upgrading their war practices to the twentieth Century from their current ones that appear to be circa the Crimean War, would be a tremendous improvement. Not that I want them to, or anything.

  2. "...make sure you find all the webcams."

    Yeah, Mr. Stavnitser should have just quietly given Ukraine Intelligence access to his webcams and kept this one to himself.

    1. I suspect the webcam did not survive the artillery.