Sunday, April 17, 2022

Amazing What the Internet Has

 Student Guide: Shelter andEvacuation Strategies prepared for FEMA.

A one story wood structure has a PF of 2-3.  In the basement PF 10.  A 5 story building has a PF of 100 in the basement and 200 in the level below.  St. Al's Hospital in Nampa is 5 stories.  I suspect few people in event of nuclear war will even think of trying to get a way into the basement of a hospital.  Offer to make yourself useful and I suspect the kind-hearted sorts will be reluctant to say no.  Here is a list of Nampa's tallest buildings.

From that guide:


  1. Yer assuming all the fallout only falls on the roof, and none sticks to the sides....and lots of other assumptions.

    1. The assumptions Civil Defense authorities make are that primary exposure is from fallout on the ground coming through the walls.

    2. YOU need to rething that statement.

    3. Civil Defense has that wrong? An acre of land outside will have more particles on it than the relatively small roof and walls.