Thursday, November 19, 2020

Don't Be Stupid

A church we attend had outdoor seating, so there was limited exposure risk. Then the weather got too cold to sit outside, so wait until spring.  But they had a wedding and two of those involved now have COVID-19.  One guy is a car mechanic,  and when he unexpectedly collapsed at work, a co-worker caught him before he hit the ground.  Some of those at the wedding then flew home.

Gov. Little has largely exempted worship services from gathering bans.  I agree with his decision,  but that does not mean you need to be stupid.   At least do not be Emperor Newsom of California. 

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  1. It's really a tough issue. Church is not just about worshiping, but also about being with people. Plus, it usually involves singing, which is a very good way to spread the virus to a lot of people.

    We gave up going to mass back at the end of February due to COVID19, which really hurts. I am a choir member, too. But our church is meeting in a temporary structure - two classrooms with the adjoining wall removed - because the real church burned down over a year ago.

    If I was confident in the ventilation, and the behavior of parishioners, I'd go back. But, I'm not. Plus, our case rate is way up again.

    So, we attend virtually - via Zoom or, for the Bishop's mass across town, via our DVR from over-the-air broadcast.