Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Affidavits Alleging Voter Fraud

 About halfway down in this complaint.  Either this attorney who was appointed a ballot challenger is making this up (perjury, a felony) or there was massive fraud in Detroit.  And it was on the third page of Google search.  I guess that I should be glad it was there at all.

Here is one of the opposing affidavits.  It claims that some of the observers did not understand the process.


  1. Try the same search with Bing and Duck Duck Go and see which page it turns up on for each. Google, as we all know now, manipulates searches against conservative ideas and news.

  2. The lawsuit loses credibility by making so many claims, many of which are easily debunked or shown to be based off of ignorance of standard election procedures. For example, it's not the job of election workers to verify signatures. That's done by the city clerk's office. And Kallman's claim that Republican election monitors were kicked out has also been debunked. At no point were there fewer than 134 Republicans in the building. And the claim about 'pre-dating' ballots has also been debunked. Those ballots had the correct arrival dates on the envelope. They simply hadn't yet been entered into the QVF due to clerical errors.

    The suggestion that the lawyer/plaintiff would never lie or misrepresent facts because that would amount to perjury is naive. The same could be said of the city clerk or anyone else that has provided affidavits contradicting the claims in the lawsuit. Something being claimed in court is not proof of its veracity.

    Election results in Wayne county are consistent with previous elections. There was no widespread or coordinated election fraud in Michigan, at least that I know of.

  3. Here is a key one from 40 year election bureau secretary Chris Thomas: