Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Unless Trump's People Can Produce Clear Evidence of Fraud, Biden Has Won (Heaven Help Us)

 The remaining provisional votes are not enough.  I still find it hard to believe that a guy whose rallies looked like random collections of by-standers beat someone whose rallies were utterly huge.  Congress needs to create some system to make sure that we can have more confidence in the counting system for next time. 

1. Run the election machines and voting software before the election with known (to the people inserting votes) inputs and verify the outputs match.  

2. Guarantee that all hand processing of mail-in ballots are examined by at least three persons.

3. Require secretaries of state hand over registration lists for crossmatching with Social Security Death list.

Any other ideas?

Curiously RealClearPolitics is now showing Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina as still in play.  Trump is still in the lead in North Carolina with 97% of the vote counted.  The others show Biden with small leads and 1-3% uncounted ballots.  There is no data listed for Alaska.  The Alaska Secretary of State shows Trump with a commanding lead and 100% of votes counted.  Admittedly Alaska is not big on electoral votes.


  1. The Supreme Court will probably require Pennsylvania to exclude mail-in ballots that arrived after 8pm on Election Day (which were counted in violation of state law). That almost certainly flips PA to Trump.

    If this American Thinker analysis is right, and I think it is, then Trump just needs 1 additional electoral vote after that to win. Based on what I've read about apparent evidence of election fraud in Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada and Virginia, I think Trump will probably collect at least one of those states and win without resorting to the nuclear option (state legislatures).

    An example of apparent fraud (or attempted fraud) on a large scale: Richard Baris says he's identified nearly ten thousand absentee ballots sent in by Michigan voters who are officially dead.

    Probably worth reading the witness affadavits filed in support of Trump's lawsuits if you want to get a sense of the scope of fraud he's alleging.

  2. Paper ballots, hand counted under direct observation of reps of BOTH parties, ink on the index fingers of those who have voted, banning any and all voting machines, programs, counying-tabulating system and programs that are NOT manufactured in part or in whole in the U.S.
    We simply MUST get control of our voting procedures. Fraud used to be a joke, but now it's dead serious.

  3. Che: Where are the affidavits? I read about them, but never see them.