Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Trump Still in Running

 Arizona Secy of State reports Biden at 50.7%, and Trump at 47.93%.

Michigan SOS: Trump, 51.07%, Biden at 47.35%.

Pennsylvania SOS: Trump, 50.82%, Biden, 48.03%.

Unless there are lot of votes still on the way from the graveyards, Trump will likely win Penn. and Mich. and beat Biden.  Am I reading these right?

RealClearPolitics shows 197 electoral votes still tossups.  That's still enough for Trump to win.

The stock market rocketed up today, largely on the promised Blue Wave barely producing a ripple.

CNN is pretty much admitting the Democrats failed in their attempt to take the Senate.

If there is any risk of Democratic control of the Senate, the lame-duck Congress needs to confirm Federalist Society picks for those 25 empty seats immediately, skipping the committee process.

Trump is now behind in Michigan, still behind in Arizona, still ahead in Pennsylvania.

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  1. To say the situation is fluid is a vast understatement.

    This should never happen again - but then how many times have we said that before? Ballots in trunks of cars? Hanging chads?

    The states set up their voting systems but the Feds are supposed to protect our civil rights and they should have been doing that by setting standards for voting (tracing ballots from printing to counted vote/spoiled ballot/non-voted ballot, voter ID, no voting more than once, etc.). It would require biometric and a national database of biometric IDs.