Monday, November 30, 2020

Articles of Faith

For all Christians trying to make Big Brother love them and eat them last: Rev. John MacArthur does not care about public health because his church will not do social distancing and masks. 

Referring to the weekend’s events, MacArthur added “there was a court order that granted this church and this church alone, the right to meet indoors. And the powers of the city were not happy about that – they were going to be asking us to do two things, social distance and [to] wear masks.”

“That was until yesterday when the city – [after] we agreed and [said] ‘look we’ll comply for a few weeks, we are not wanting to be defiant, we will do what is reasonable’ – that was not enough for the city. They went to the appellate court at the last minute on Saturday late, and had that order removed.

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