Thursday, November 19, 2020

Cool Gadget

 Nominally this is a portable food scale accurate to 0.1 grams.  A handloader many years ago showed me that weighing all your cartridges to group them according to weight improves accuracy.  Yes the ones with heavier bullets might have less powder in them, but overall, if you have 20 cartridges within .1 grams of each other, they are likely close enough in propellant and bullet weight to produce awesome repeatability.   Repeated weighs of the same object never varied more than .2 grams, which is darn light.  And $11.99, delivered in three days!

Link updated!


  1. Very good.

    The scale is typically used for measuring out various recreational drugs, however; at least in actual practice (it's too small and limited for much cooking).

    Still, I use a similar scale as a last quality check when reloading, to ensure I put powder in each case.

  2. When I click on the link I get an Amazon listing of literally 872 scales. Pick one.