Sunday, November 29, 2020

Never Was Big on Christmas Trees...

They have nothing to do with Jesus.  While I am not a tree hugger, it does seem a waste of perfectly good conifers.   Messy while the needles are falling.  Also, we always bought a tree Christmas Eve because of grad school while the kids were small. 

Today we bought an artificial pre-lit tree.  It was cheap enough that we could buy three real trees for this reusable resource.   It is a very realistic appearance.   Amusingly enough we were watching Home Improvement while Tim and Jill are trying to assemble a Binford tent, with predictable results. 


  1. My father wasn't as much for a Christmas Tree as my mother was. Their first Christmas together he was, as she said, willing to get a table-top tree. My mother's family came from Central Europe where the Christmas Tree, and specifically the Tannenbaum were popular. She would tell how her father would hang a blanket blocking the view of the Living room, and he and her mother would decorate the tree, and when they were done, there would be a knock on the door as Santa Claus/ Father Christmas and have his half of an imaginary conversation about how good the children were during the previous year. The blanket would come down, and it was Christmas Eve celebration.