Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Washington Examiner
 one of those online "newspapers" that quotes unnamed sources too much for me to take them completely seriously,  but they are definitely not part of the DNC.  It appears that the "Release the Kraken" attorney, Sidney Powell,  is not part of Trump's team, and her claims are not reality based.  Trump's real battle is not Dominion switching votes, although what I blogged a couple days ago, suggests there might be related fraud going on, but persuading the Court that changing counting rules after the election starts, and mail-in voter fraud makes the actual results unknowable in several battleground states.  If the Court rules in his favor, it goes to the House where he wins.


  1. Before judging Powell as "not reality based" you need to pay attention to two interviews with John Zmirak who knows Powell very well and backs up her claims.

    Subject: Eric Metaxas, Tim Gordon Interview John Zmirak About Sidney Powell and Election Fraud | The Stream

  2. While the House gets two votes per state and the majority of the states voted Republican, I wonder how many NeverTrump, RINOs and others who can be intimidated by publicly voting for Trump would end up *not* voting for him if it comes to that. The unending barrage of media insistence that "Biden won" may well have that effect. Keep your prayers (and work for the Georgia senators election) going!