Wednesday, November 18, 2020

I Have Not Read the Decision, But the Title Alone Started Me Laughing

 PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, Plaintiff, v. MILWAUKEE 3/8" CORDLESS DRILL et al., Defendants. (W.D.Mich. 2011)

Let me explain that when an inanimate object is confiscated (often for being a prohibited item), the suit is against the object.  Medieval Europeans sometimes "executed" trees if someone fell from the tree and died.

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  1. According to the other Idaho blogger I regularly read, Joe Huffman of View from North Central Idaho, medieval monks used to whip trees that were not producing well. He called it a Deodand, as I remember.
    The Anthropomorphism of things was not just something pre-Christian Pagans did, nor, as today, what the people bringing the case you cite would call the religiously superstitious.