Saturday, November 7, 2020

Ever Since DrudgeReport Sold, It Has Become a Leftist News Aggregator

 I hope Matt's reputed sale price of $50 million got him a nice home from which he will be loaded onto a train bound for re-education camp in Ely, Nevada.  In the meantime, the much harder to remember how to spell Bongino Report seems to be his successor.  I found this link to Legal Insurrection's article about Justice Alioto's temporary order:

Until today, this Court was not informed that the guidance issued on October 28, which had an important bearing on the question whether to order special treatment of the ballots in question, had been modified. The application received today also informs the Court that neither the applicant nor the Secretary has been able to verify that all boards are complying with the Secretary’s guidance, which, it is alleged, is not legally binding on them.

Apparently, local election boards did not think state law applied to them.


  1. He is reported to own two properties in Miami and to have become a recluse. That said, now that he has free time perhaps he might run for office. Miami -Dade is still Red in the house. When it comes to senators Marco Rubio comes up for relection in 2022. He would be a good candidate against Biden in 2024, so why not Drudge replacing him in 2022.

  2. The is great. Here are some more suggestions:

  3. That seems to be a trend. Someone starts a media outlet, and as soon as it's sold, or a charitable foundation is formed, and within a generation, it's given over to supporting leftist causes that are antithetical to the original purposes of the foundation.