Friday, November 20, 2020

A Friend's Interesting Experience With Voter Fraud

You can help!  A friend lives in California.  They use Dominion voting machines.  His wife is a permanent resident.  He went online to verify that his vote was counted.  With name, address, and birth date, he could see that his ballot was received about 2 1/2 weeks before the election, and was processed the way you expect: sent to the ballot counting center and counted before Election Day.  No surprises.

Then he checked his wife.  She was shown registered in 2006, which she has no memory of doing, because she was not a citizen.  (Perhaps created from from DMV license information.)  The sequence of arrival and transmission to the ballot counting center was identical to his.  But her vote was not counted until the day after Election Day, when it was likely needed to improve Biden's vote totals.  Several friends did similar checks and found "problems."  One moved to New York and registered there.  Their California voter registration shows up on that date--and it shows they voted in California; they actually voted in New York.

So do your part: see if you know someone who is old enough but ineligible to vote (non-citizen, felony conviction, back child support payments in some states).  Have them interrogate their local voting database to see if they are registered to vote, and if they voted, and on what day.  Take screenshots.)  This might be the evidence of widespread voter fraud we need.


  1. I moved out of California (San Jose) in 2014 bound for rural Missouri. I just checked for possible ballot status at the Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters, and a the Secretary of State. Negative results for possible voter fraud in my case.

  2. Before the election I received a text message that I was being sent a mail-in ballot to insure Covid did not prevent me from voting. But I have resided in Texas for the last five years, and voted here in 2016 and 2018. Fully registered in Dallas Fort Worth. I am concerned I am listed as voting in this election but unsure how to check a mail-in.