Tuesday, November 10, 2020

What Can President Biden Do Without a Senate Majority

 He could issue an executive order requiring all AWs to be turned in.  But in the same way that federal judges blocked Trump executive orders (which often do terrible things to the rights of the people; see Executive Order 9066), I suspect at least a few Trump appointees to the bench will block enforcement until the Supreme Court hears and likely overturns it.


  1. Two things from the rumor mill that Biden could try:

    1) a tax on so called assault weapons. Do it via the bureaucracy. So if you own or buy a scary looking gun you have to pay some sort of fee to do it.

    2) require high levels of insurance to own guns. For example, requiring home or rental insurance to cover gun ownership.

    It would be hard to do this with an EO and not get slapped down but I wouldn't put it past them to try.

    Or how about an ammo tax? There are plenty of ways to try for an end run around the 2nd Amendment. After all, lawsuits over legal ammo sales are now a thing.

  2. All would require a change in law, not an EO.