Sunday, November 29, 2020

Why Gun Control is SO IMPORTANT!

 11/29/2020 Philadelphia Inquirer:

The Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office cannot account for more than 200 guns that are supposed to be in its custody, some of them part of the office’s arsenal and others confiscated from people subject to protection-from-abuse orders, according to an investigative report released Wednesday by the City Controller’s Office.

The investigation found serious problems in the Sheriff’s Office with recordkeeping, a lack of policies and procedures for managing guns, and haphazard storage of guns in boxes, barrels, cabinets, and in piles on the floor of the office’s armory, City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart said during a news conference in Center City....

The probe began in November 2019 after the Controller’s Office received a confidential complaint and supporting documentation alleging that 15 long guns — rifles and shotguns — had been missing from the Sheriff’s Office gun inventory since 2016, Rhynhart said.

The complaint also included details of an alleged burglary that the tipster said occurred in February 2019 at a local gun shop and involved three of the Sheriff’s Office guns, she added.

Why do I doubt these guns were sold by the sheriff's department? 

Investigators uncovered numerous deficiencies in the office’s overall handling and storage of weapons that included the commingling of service firearms and confiscated firearms, and the storage of some weapons that were still loaded, the report said.

Remember, only police officers with their extensive training and high degree of responsibility are competent to possess firearms!


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  1. Now do the sheriff's evidence room. I'll bet that's a hot mess as well.