Monday, November 12, 2018

When Even Journalists Tell Acosta, "You Are Doing It Wrong, It's a Sign

11/9/18 SF Chronicle column by Ruben Navarette (not in any way a right-winger) calling out Acosta'a behavior:
Still, Acosta deserved the rebuke. He was arrogant, rude and sanctimonious. He was sent to cover the story, and he made himself the story. He was supposed to ask questions, but instead he tried to “challenge” the president about the refugee caravan. He asked several questions, instead of one. And when he got answers, he rejected them. He used up time that could have gone to his colleagues. He hogged the microphone, and — at his worst moment — wrestled for control of it with a White House intern, as if it were his own private property.
Someone at CNN needs to slip this guy a note. He stopped being a journalist a while back, and his recent performance — and that’s the right word — at the White House demonstrates it.
In the end, I don’t care much about how Acosta treated Trump. He has a job to do, and it involves questioning the powerful.
I care more about how he treated his media colleagues, which is to say like he was the only reporter in the room — or, for that matter, on Planet Earth. Their deadlines and live shots were just as important as his.
And I care most about how he treated that poor intern who learned the hard way that the most dangerous place to be in Washington is between Jim Acosta and a microphone.

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  1. I would never shoot my tv, but come close whenever watching the fake news and the obnoxious pseudoreporters! I don't dare have a hammer or brick within reach either. Yesterday I saw a promo for CBS news which announced their news program is "real" news. Sounds like cognitive dissonance on their part to me.