Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Kavanaugh Smear Helped Republicans

At least in the Senate: 3 seat gain so far with some races undecided.  CBS News is projecting Democratic majority in the House, but so far only 302 of 435 seats decided.

Entertainingly that CBS News article keeps updating the House seats count as they are decided.  It is now 158 Democrats won, and 165 Republican wins.  Yet they still show:
  • Before: 195 / Now: 158
  • Net Change: 23

and for Republicans:

  • Before: 240 / Now: 165
  • Net Change: -23

This makes no sense.  The number of undecided races is so large that to say Democrats gained 23 seats and Republicans lost 23 must only refer to races already decided.  Their projection of Democratic control of the House could be as accurate as the 2016 projections.  Current count shows Democrats with 221 seats, three more than they need for a majority.


  1. My schadenfreude is dancing the Macarena.


  2. My west Ada county district flipped from GOP to Democrat last night. I will now have anti2nd in the state house.