Friday, November 9, 2018

Racists Helped Republicans to Retain the Senate!

11/7/18 USA Today:
Democrats got about 68 percent of the Latino vote, slightly higher than the 66 percent won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, while Republicans garnered 30 percent of their vote, just above the 28 percent Trump earned two years ago, according to exit polling. 
Asian voters sided with Democrats 77 percent of the time in Tuesday's elections, and Republicans received 23 percent of their vote, the exit polling showed. 
Something the left refuses to face is that legal immigrants and citizens of Hispanic heritage often resent the line jumpers.

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  1. Asians as a group tend very heavily toward gun bans for civilians. Most of them grew up without access to them, so have no experience. There doesn't seem to be any sort of Asian gun culture in history. The fact that their governments may occasionally slaughter them is just an accepted fact of life.
    Filipinos seem to be slightly more accepting of guns.