Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Incredibly Clear, Incredibly Cold Night

Milky Way, Pleiades very clear, but my toes were numb and my fingers were getting that way.  These are supposed to be ice weather GoreTex gloves.  Maybe I am just a wimp.Electric socks and electric gloves?  I just ordered the HotHands packs for hands and feet; cheap enough to experiment with before spending money on electric socks and gloves. 

William Herschel did not let a cold night stop him from finding Uranus.  His sister Caroline would pour boiling water over the ice that had frozen his boots to the ground.  I'm not that committed.


  1. Options:
    Workshop floor mats. Interlocking 2x2 ft pads to place around the scope base. Auto parts stores and WalMart, etc.

    Heated motorcycle riding gear. Vests, jackets, chaps, gloves. 12v to a controller that moderates heat output. Might have boot liners now.
    You might not notice, but if your core temp drops even a little, the body begins to restrict blood flow to the extremities. From riding bikes, the vest was the most important piece of gear, followed by gloves. (No one ever seemed to make a helmet heater/liner)

    Most of the battery tool makers have heated jackets and vests that use their newer drill batteries. I've got a hoodie from Milwaukee Tools that works well. Might be other types of heated gear they make.

  2. WHat, no comment about what happened to Global Warming. Granted I would like to know, we are expecting our first Freeze alerts next week, a good month early in north-east Texas.