Friday, November 16, 2018

Social Media is Our Future

Instapundit links to this horrifying 11/12/18 BBC story about two men accused on WhatsApp of kidnapping children for their internal organs:
"It appears that these criminals are involved in organ trafficking... In the past few days, children aged four, eight and 14 have disappeared and some of these kids have been found dead with signs that their organs were removed. Their abdomens had been cut open and were empty."
The flash mob brought together by WhatsApp killed them in front of the police station and set them afire.
Moments later, the crowd coalesced into a mob with one goal. The narrow gate at the entrance to the police station was wrenched open and Ricardo and Alberto Flores were dragged out. As people held their phones aloft to film, the men were pushed to the floor at the base of four stone steps and savagely beaten. Then the petrol that was brought earlier was poured on them.
Eyewitnesses believe Ricardo was already dead from the beating, but his uncle Alberto was still alive when they set the two men on fire. Video footage shows his limbs moving slowly as the flames licked around them.
Who would have thought that Mexican peasants were so connected?  And who but a watcher of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" would think that a mob could do this?

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