Sunday, November 18, 2018

Consequences of Voting Republican Were Worse in the Past

Ouachita Parish, La. (1876)
Before 11/29/1876: Several white men entered the Pinkston home to discourage Republican voting by Henry Pinkston, colored.  They gagged him, stabbed him, dragged him outside and shot him.  Then they cut his baby’s throat.  They shot Henry’s wife Eliza, and then one said to another “’I want some of that.’  They held my legs up, and jumped on me.”  Several of the other men raped her as well.  Then they attacked Eliza with an ax and knife, and knocked her teeth out.  (Fortunately, the ax head fell off the handle during the attack.)  During her testimony, she “unfastened her dress and exposed her breast, which was all cut up, and a most horrible sight to look at.”  She then fainted.
Category: residential
Suicide: no
Cause: political terror
Weapon: firearm, ax, knife[1]

[1] “Proceedings in the Case of Eliza Pinkston,” Clarksville[Tenn.] Weekly Chronicle, Dec. 9, 1876.


  1. That good old Democrat tolerance and inclusivity has a long tradition.

  2. Is that even a option in California anymore? The county I was born and raised (Orange) was strong GOP territory when I was there (60's-80's). The land of Reagan, Nixon and The Duke. Now there are zero Republicans there. Just heard a woman on the radio from CA who was identified as a GOP leader who recently wrote an op-ed in a CA paper saying the GOP is now dead in the state because of Trump because he is so evil and because he separated children and supported racists in Carolina. She sounded like a Dem to me! Glad I escaped 30 years ago.

  3. A caller will say anything to get on the radio and further the fantasy. “I’m a lifelong Republican; I voted for Bush but he was such a divisive President (I.e. not Left of Mao), I have voted for Obama twice.”
    As is the case when someone says, “I support the Second Amendment, but . . . “, everything before “but” is a lie.