Thursday, November 15, 2018

Advantages of Being a Blogger

People send you stuff to review.  Nice stuff, generally.  This is a review of some nice stuff.  Someone at Craft Holsters wanted to send me a holster for my Colt Government Model.  Happy to oblige.  It is a traditional leather OWB pancake holster with a thumb break.  It is made in Italy, but shipped from Slovakia.  (Nice to see capitalism alive there. Even several decades of Soviet rule cannot destroy the desire to make money by making and selling stuff people want, instead of making it for the State Committee on Production of What The Glorious Workers Would Want If They Weren't So Darn Stupid.)

The second picture more accurately shows the color and finish of both sides.  Even my wife, who has a very utilitarian view of guns (protecting her and the dog from varmints and coyotes: coyotes have an excuse for their behavior) declared it beautiful, and it is.  

You will notice three belt slots, allowing two different carry positions.  Like all proper pancake holsters, it holds the gun high and tight for concealment.

It is a nice tight fit on my Colt Government Model.  This is a lefthand model, for the same reason the stroke in 2014 did little damage to my speech centers: I'm lefthanded.

I put on the sport jacket that I wear when teaching and of course the gun conceals as it should.

This is the H1 model, $56.95, which seems reasonable for a stiff (good for retention) real leather holster.  The thumb break closes between the hammer and the firing pin, as it should.  Opening it was about right for ease of opening with a quick press of the thumb.  I struggled a little closing it, but that may just be because the leather is new.  This takes you directly to that holster.


  1. I believe the belt is supposed to be on the inside (that's how I wear mine). Also the first picture has some personal info about your wife visible like name of doctor and DOB!