Thursday, November 22, 2018


I will not be blogging much, if at all.  I will be helping my wife prepare a feast in thanks for the fact that my ancestors were "early adopters" of moving to America.


  1. I just ordered a Y chromosome DNA test to see what it tells me about one side of my family tree. My mother's side we have traced back to the Revolution. My dad's side however maybe be no earlier than the Civil War.

    Wonderful Turkey Day sale prices: The test usually costs $180.00 but I got it for $110.00. Wondering if they will have a different sale price for Black Friday.

  2. My daughter had the 23AndMe test done and found to my great surprise that she is 17% Norwegian. Some of my ancestors came from Pinchbeck within the Danelaw. Those Vikings left more than place names there!