Saturday, November 17, 2018

Gun Control Advocate Goes Full Kook

Free Beacon reproduces response of Rep. Swalwell (D-LaLaLand) :
The Democratic congressman's comments were prompted by a Twitter user's response to an article about Swalwell's call to force gun owners to relinquish assault weapons. The piece recounts how Swalwell "has proposed outlawing ‘military-style semiautomatic assault weapons' and forcing existing owners to sell their weapons or face prosecution."
Yup.  Use nuclear weapons to confiscate assault weapons.


  1. Nuke Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. With all those Democrat states downstream? And it's the REPUBLICANS who hate clean water.

  2. When I worked at the MK locomotive shop in Boise in 1990 above the men's urinals was a drawing of the state of Idaho showing a drain from the bottom running to a drawing of California and a caption that said "Be sure to flush. Cali needs the water!" Needless to say I didn't mention I was an escapee of that place just two years hence!

  3. I need to send this Representative a copy of my Refernce book on the US Nuclear Arsenal. He can then select the nukes we will use immediately when attacked (the Legit weapons). By the way, is this guy a liberal recent elect, or an old hand like Pelosi?

  4. You may think that he is a "kook"; others might excuse it away as being hyperbolic or crazy talk. That would be a mistake.

    Left unchallenged, he would never have tried to explain it away. It is axiomatic that statists of all ilk will almost always tell you what they would do if they possessed unchecked authority. They are not ashamed of having tumbrels leading to the guillotine, "showers", incinerators or gulags. They are absolutely willing to use them, as they have repeatedly demonstrated throughout history.

    Regarding voting; that is only a process that is tolerated by statists. Remember Stalin's dictum regarding the importance of voting: it is not. Who counts the vote is important, and 2018 was a test run for 2020 and every election hereafter.

  5. And in reference to my earlier post, right on time, here are communist statists displaying their intent: