Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Foot and Hand Warmers Make Freezing Astronomy Almost Tolerable

Almost.  I may not do much until spring.  The hand warmers seemed more effective than the foot warmers.  My fingers never numbed.  Taking a glove off to change eyepieces or put the camera in the focuser was unpleasant.
ISO 100; 1/100th sec.; prime focus.

Attempts to do eyepiece projection reminded me that I need to use the Scheiner mask to get a sharp focus, which was not worth the effort in such cold weather.
25mm eyepiece projection; ISO 100; 1/4 second.  As the magnification increases, of course, light available drops and longer exposures are required.
12.5mm eyepiece projection; ISO 100; 1/6 second. 


  1. Ever considered using a glove with the tips of the fingers cut off? You can buy such gloves commercially made or make your own. Get a sweatshirt with a built in pocket over the stomach area (like a woman's muffler?? In olden times). Keep a hand warmer in there too. You sometimes see quarterbacks using this type of clothing when playing in extreme weather.

  2. I also recommend the heated vests. (Motorcycle riders use them, but so do friends who work outdoors.) They aren't cheap, but a charge will keep the vest warm for about 8 hours on low.