Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A Friend Just Voted in Boise

He said cars were circling the block trying to find parking.  Much more crowded than the 2016 general election.  Very few young people; mostly us old farts.  I wonder if the continual Blue Wave screeching has motivated conservatives and demotivated young people (who are generally more liberal or progressive).

My wife and I went to vote about 4:30.  Parking was a problem (in Horseshoe Bend!).  Very crowded.  I hope this is an omen.

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  1. Just voted in West Boise (church on Eagle Road) at 10:30 AM. No waiting. All 10 booths full, but no lines. A few under 40 kids, but mostly seniors and a few middle age. Expectation is a lunch rush and really busy in evening after work. There is a pre work rush when polls open.