Thursday, November 29, 2018

A Most Disturbing Story

A little boy.  Mom says he is Luna and wants to be a girl.  At Dad's house he dresses as a boy even when girl's clothes are available.  This being Texas, the father is required by the courts to give him this choice.  Interestingly, the article is written by an older victim of this madness:
I learned of James’ plight on a recent visit to Plano, Texas, where I spoke to teenagers about my own transgender story. I lived through a similar scenario when I was his age. I was cross-dressed for two-and-a-half years by my grandmother, who made a purple chiffon dress for me. Somewhat like James, my cross-dressing occurred under one adult’s care, but away from grandma’s I was all boy with my mom and dad. Also, just like James, I found my way into the office of a gender therapist, who quickly started me toward transition.
This  surprises me not at all.  Many years ago, my wife and I took a class in recognizing child sexual abuse.  Over lunch, a gal told us that her husband had grown up with a very macho Marine father, and a mother who had wanted a little girl.  So from a young age, she dressed him as a girl, and gave him dolls to play with.  Now he was getting ready to have gender reassignment mutilation.  (His pastor recommended this, in 1980s Orange County.)  What his mother did was clearly a form of sexual abuse; just like this tragedy in Texas.


  1. Have you heard of "breeching?" If not, look it up. Wikipedia has an entry on it. I knew of it because of old photos of famous men. The Wikipedia entry has pictures of some including FDR that is shocking--you will swear he is a little girl. I have been told by people old enough to remember the 1940's that it was not uncommon to see grandmothers dressing their grandsons in dresses even then! The origin of the custom has to do with toilet training and men's clothes of old were difficult to lower in time to avoid soiling. But it does make one wonder...

    BTW, BSU radio just had a story about plans for a law to go up before the ID legislature next year to ban conversion therapy. Dems think that and "Add the words" will succeed.

  2. Right on time

  3. Unknown: Aware of it. This was someone raised in the 1960s or 1970s.