Monday, November 19, 2018

Surprisingly Good Chinese Buffet

We ate at the Great Wall on Eagle Blvd. recently.  I have often complained about the poor quality of Chinese restaurants in Idaho, not just in the boonies but even in Boise.  (Of course, if you live somewhere that a burglar alarm and a concealed weapon permit are needed, Boise is still the boonies.)  I am very impressed with the flavor and variety of dishes at the buffet.  The sweet and sour soup is a bit less sour than it should be, but the eggs rolls were awesome and the pot stickers were as good as any that I have had.


  1. My wife and her mother eat at Great Wall regularly on their Saturday outings, and they have always spoken highly of it.

  2. We have gradually weaned ourselves off of eating out. We reserve it for situations where there is no other readily available option, which is quite rare. (Eating at home before and after day trips, and preparing our own meals in our RV during extended travel.)

    The culture that we now inhabit has significantly departed from basic rules of hygiene that were present in widespread societal fashion and reached a zenith during the late 1950's. (What, you really need a sign telling you that hand washing is something you should do?)

    The premise of cleanliness as a mandatory requirement for food preparation and service is no longer a reasonably assured attribute.

  3. BFR: My wife is very sensitive to food poisoning. I am commonly called garbage gut. If I get sick, it is bad. Many years ago, my wife and infant daughter ended up with an illness usually spread fecally, two days after they ate in a restaurant where the only apparent employee was from the Middle East. Eventually, my wife just put our daughter in the bathtub, and ran the water frequently.