Friday, November 23, 2018

That Was a Close One

Not sure why (but I ran AVG antivirus and Malware Bytes just in case, but both my Word file and Excel spreadsheet suddenly became corrupt and unreadable last night.  Going to the previous day's backup sounded very painful nut Microsoft has instructions on how to recover corrupted Excel files here.  And they worked!  Also instructions for creating automatic backup of the spreadsheet each time you save it, and the regular breakpoint copies as you work on it.  (I should do the same for my Word document, but the ,long delay while making the breakpoint copies was annoying.)


  1. You should consider it. They are much faster than hard drives.

  2. You might also want to consider saving in the -x formats, like docx and xlsx. Those are XML formatted if I recall correctly, more easily readable by other programs and not full of some of the truly pathological cruft that Office programs have had creep into their formats.