Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Corey Feldman Turned Over Too Scary of a Rock, Gets Stabbed

The stabbing comes six weeks after Feldman was cleared in an LAPD sexual battery investigation from an alleged incident last year.
Feldman has publicly stated he was molested by powerful people in the entertainment industry when he was an '80s child star. He has said his close friend - the late Corey Haim - was raped when he was a child by the same industry predators.
Feldman said on "Dr. Oz" in November that Jon Grissom was one of his alleged abusers. He also told Megyn Kelly that convicted sex offender Marty Weiss harmed him as well. However, the LAPD dropped an investigation into his claims later that month.
Three men distracted his security guards, and a fourth stabbed him.  A single attacker might be a stalker, but this was planned.  The fact is that monsters seem heavily present in Hollywood should be no surprise.  It is an industry that makes its money selling how sexy its "meat" is.  Why are we surprised that they see the "meat" as appropriate targets for their confused and out of control sexuality?


  1. Maybe.

    Current Fox report says the LAPD is saying he wasn't stabbed, and that they're not investigating the case.

  2. The police are claiming this isn't true: that there were no lacerations to his abdomen.

    I imagine we'll hear more later.