Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why I Am Glad That I Live in a "Deplorable" County

The Garden Valley School District has stored semi-automatic rifles in safes around its school building — which houses about 250 students in pre-k through 12th grades — since the 2014-15 school year.
The number of guns and safes, some of which are in classrooms, is a closely guarded secret.
Superintendent Greg Alexander won’t disclose how many teachers and staff have been trained to use the guns, other than to say “numerous.”


  1. GV's actions are odd in that on one hand they do not want the ability to take immediate action (Garden Valley hasn’t considered allowing concealed carry on the advice of its training experts.) but they then expect that, while potentially under fire, someone will be able to find the wherewithal to access and retrieve a locked weapon, and then find, fix and engage an active murderer. And they are expecting this type of efficient performance when they cannot even teach Johnny to read.

    This type of event is dynamic and rapidly evolves.

    A car or firearm locker is not a holster.

    With all of this said, it is important to remember that in virtually all school murder incidents, the common denominator is government schools. The firearms are not "out of control". The children are.

    Always remember to ask your local government school enablers, "Well, if, as you teach, there is no God, then why is any of this wrong?"

  2. But it's sort of like the doomsday weapon in Dr Strangelove. It's not a deterrence if no one knows about it.

  3. No, no, no- you can't use semiautomatic rifles for self-defense, haven't you read the MSM?

    If teachers & CCW carriers had access to firearms, they'd just add to the carnage by shooting all the innocent bystanders, and then the police would shoot them down since no one could tell that they were the good guys (I think that's the current narrative anyway- it boils down to "guns are bad, always and forever.")

    You'll have to get with the Modern Progressive Program: arm the school kids with stones! Then they can throw rocks at the bad guys, who will immediately surrender no matter how many "assault rifles" they have, or how many "high capacity bullet spraying clips" they carry! No, I'm being serious: