Friday, March 9, 2018

Trump's Juvenile Tweeting and Chest Pounding

Brought out Short Fat's inner peacemaker.  03/08/18 New York Post:
President Trump has agreed to sit down with his North Korean nemesis Kim Jong Un sometime in the next two months to discuss stripping the hermit nation of its nuclear arsenal, it was announced Thursday.
The historic meeting was brokered by the South Korean government, which delivered the invitation to the White House and divulged the details outside the West Wing.
“He expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible,” South Korean national security director Chung Eui-yong said of Kim.
“President Trump appreciated the briefing and said he would meet Kim Jong Un by May to achieve permanent denuclearization.”
Kim will likely try the same protection racket that worked on Clinton, Bush, and Obama.  I suspect that the results may not be the same.  Instapundit reports that Trump told a joke at a recent event where he said:
As far as the risk of dealing with a madman is concerned, that's his risk, not mine.

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  1. We didn't have previous presidents pounding their chests, as they had nothing much to pound on. Now we do!

    I'm sure glad we have that madman at the helm! Those terrible tweets just make my day!