Friday, March 16, 2018

Have Not Had a Chance to Evaluate It Yet

It claims to give instructions to cut and bolt together an AR-15 lower from aluminum flats.  Yes,  you could use a CNC milling machine to make one out of a block of 6061 aluminum, but unless you have a much more powerful one than I do,  the Pink Shirts will have dragged you off to re-education camp before the milling is done.

Looks complete and not a trivial build.  Might be easier to write gCode for it to make in CNC mill.

A harsh reality of small mills is that they can only do operations slowly because of limited power.  The deeper the cut or harder the material, the slower you go to avoid jamming it.   Right now,  I am building a spacer to raise my lathe's tool holder to let me use a 6" chuck.  I am cutting a .337" deep channel in acetal at .001 inches per minute.  The only thing that makes this speed tolerable is that it is running while I am at the gym working out.  At this speed I am not afraid of it jamming.

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