Friday, March 9, 2018

Always Fun Watching Democrats Commit Felonies on Video

A Democratic candidate for Congress claims to have destroyed her husband's AR-15 and then posted the video.  Of course, she only cut off part of the barrel, making a short-barrelled rifle: a felony.

Two questions:

1. What sort of "woke" person even owns an AR-15?

2. Can someone this ignorant of current gun control laws credibly lecture others about gun control?


  1. Yes they can because SHUT UP!

    Besides they are not interested in controlling guns which requires a nuanced understanding of the Constitution, current gun laws, and guns themselves.

    They are only interested in confiscating all guns. It's a binary choice.

  2. 1) Ones who own them to protect themselves and good people against Super Secret Scary Nazis.

    2) Credibly? No. Well, except to their own side, because having any idea about current laws is irrelevant to Needing More.

  3. Note, however, that she cuts through the gas tube and removes the gas port.

    It's not inoperable enough to not be an SBR, but I don't think it'll cycle the action - it's a single-shot rifle in that configuration.

  4. Answers:
    1) yes. The rules are for other people. This is not any different than celebrities for gun bans hiring armed guards for themselves.
    2) yes, because they are 'woke' and therefore have a greater understanding of things even when they are factually wrong.

  5. Way back there was a case where leftist liberal talking head David Gregory, in his Washington DC studio, told everyone how bad those normal, oh sorry I meant "high capacity" magazines were; he held one up to show how very bad they were.

    They were banned in his DC studio too; he broke the law, blatantly, on live TV, after asking for permission to show the mag and being denied. He did it anyway.

    I'm still waiting for the law to be enforced against him, but it hasn't been yet.

    Somehow I don't think the NRA pulled any strings to get him off!

  6. From what I have seen these people are only cutting off a portion of their upper receiver. To me that just shows they don't actually own the weapon and or have never cleaned it. To truly destroy it you need to cut apart both the lower and upper receiver. Buying a new lower will involve background checks. But buying a new upper is quite easy since it doesn't have the serial number which are on the magazine housing on the lower.

    And in several cases they are sparing the bolt of the gun. So in the end all you need is a replacement barrel to repair what they have done.

  7. James: Gun was probably bought for this purpose.