Saturday, March 10, 2018

Not Enough Neurons

I wish I could have captured it.  The dog starts nuzzling up to the cat.   He puts his teeth on the end of the dog's muzzle and bites,down hard.  The dog gets this puzzled look: does this mean we are not friends?


  1. My boy cat "Tigger" sometimes gets up next to me and starts sniffing my bare arm. Usually i then scratch his ears of neck. But when I stop he will move close again and then he tries a gentle nip. I then tell him I'm not his sister, who he's a bit rougher with, and to stop that. I expect your cat's polite statement of go away gets through to your puppy as well as my "don't nip me" response gets through to Tigger.

  2. Not at all; it means we’re a cat and a dog.