Friday, March 16, 2018

Still Fighting These Things That Appear in Lower Corner of Screen

They either take me to or some conservative Canadian's webpage.  I have used the exclude feature in the Chrome Settings and these silly popups keep appearing.  What makes them annoying is that if you try to do anything in that section of the screen in any application, you get taken to these webpages.  Is there any way to make these stop?

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  1. Since I don't use Chrome, I can't advise you about whatever that browser does- but Opera browser with DuckDuckGo imbedded as the search engine works very well, and doesn't show any "things that appear in lower corner of screen" (whatever those might be.)

    If you continue to be plagued with them, perhaps you could post a screenshot, as I don't see any such things (I use Adguard Adblocker as well, which I can also recommend.)