Saturday, March 17, 2018

That Bridge Collapse in Florida

Another, "We warned the government and they dropped the ball" story.  3/17/18 Boston Herald:
MIAMI — An engineer left a voicemail two days before a catastrophic bridge failure in Miami to say some cracking had been found at one end of the concrete span, but the voicemail wasn't picked up until after the collapse, Florida Department of Transportation officials said Friday.
The voicemail left on a landline wasn't heard by a state DOT employee until Friday because the employee was out of the office on an assignment, the agency said in an email.
Maybe he should have requested a callback or left a message somewhere else as well.
The $14.2 million project was supposed to take advantage of a faster, cheaper and safer method of bridge-building promoted by the university.
Why they call it an ivory tower.

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  1. That'll be the excuse to fix liability on the engineering firm. There's that concept of sovereign immunity which the government is loathe to make not absolute but qualified (conditional in human speak).