Saturday, March 31, 2018


Always a source of frustration.  This is the first year that I have eFiled, and IRS is rejecting for wrong IP PIN.  But I can see the number on the forms and it matches the number IRS assigned me.  Thinking of going 20th century and printing instead.


  1. There is an easier way: hire an accountant. I submit information regarding my taxes on my Mac using his pdf worksheet and email them to him. He prepares and electronically files my tax return(s).

    It takes me about 20 minutes with his worksheet, and he had the returns filed in the same business week. Any refunds from the Federal or State return goes directly to my bank; which took another 10 business days.

    I push a button in my online banking to pay my accountant.

    Done and done.

    Clayton, try the easy button for a change.

  2. I have two Schedule C businesses. Greatly complicates my taxes, along with Schedule K-1 investments. (Why K-1 partnerships are so complex, I do not understand.) Print and mail; much simpler.

  3. Since I have two publishers I have two 1099 Misc. Plus the 1099 DIV for my stock sale last year which I wish I had waited to do until this year (building money for a house purchase). Because of my royalties and stock Cap gains, Turbo Tax will not allow me to proceed without using the deluxe version. But even in deluxe I will have to send the files to my brother the accountant to check everything over and include the cost I had for buying a advertising package for my latest book ($2,300.00). Have to try and get every write-off I can. In short all the effort just to get some $175.00 back from the government (and Paying TurboTAX $85.00 for the service).